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Re: Adding new shapes.

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 09:40, Michael Ross wrote:
> Hello,
> New guy here. Not a programmer. But would like to contribute.
> I came to Dia because Visio is no fun and I couldn't see how to add to
> the stencils.  I am a convert and I would like to learn what I can
> about the creation of shapes.  The docs that are available on shape
> creation are skimpy, and that might be a place where I can help out. 
> Since I can't program I am probably a good person to produce
> instructions that a "lay user" could follow.
> But I need to get a really good grip on the creation and management of shapes. 
> In looking at the shape files and sheet files themselves I can see how
> to add and delete connection points and similar things.  But if the is
> a more organised way to learn about the format and syntax for these
> files I would like to know about it.  I have tried a number of changes
> that seemed like they should work and gotten crashes to the system at
> start up.  That tells me right away that trial and error in learning
> to make shapes could be arduous and not time efficient.

The format is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). It is a W3 standard. I
have looked at several references/specifications and decided that I
needed a graphics concepts/overview to make it easier to put the pieces

> I started looking in the archives and that is too much.  I did notice
> that Alan Horkan has been working the shapes beat for years (that is
> why I copied you Alan).  Alan, et al, are there some notes, mailing
> list threads, tutorials, etc. that you all can steer me towards?
> I thought I would start out slow and try to make a rectangle with a
> text box in it (like the Jackson Domain shape).  I wasn't successful. 
> That seems like something anyone trying to make a new shape should be
> able to do.
> Once that is accomplished it would be good to know how to manipulate
> the line style and thickness.  How does one manipulate the location of
> the text and generally how does one handle the Cartesian coordinates
> of entities and connection points.  How is the shape properties dialog
> box put together?  How does one make a proper .png file and control
> the size of it for display in the palettes?  And so on...

Try investigating the menus and possibly the dia source tree. 

> If you all will spend time with me to figuring this out, I am willing
> to try and capture the experience for posterity.  I
> It is also, possible that I have no business trying to do this at all.
>  You all can let me know about that - I can take it.
> Michael Ross
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