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Re: Setting the properties of multiple selected objects in stead of just one (the first or only selected->data)

One more note I'd like to add: it is preferable
to only change those properties which are changed
in the dialog (add a button to force changing
all properties shown up?), and if objects originally
have different values for a property, the original
value shown in the dialog should be greyed (like
other office tools do)

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005, Philip Van Hoof wrote:

[subject]: This patch will do that.

One thing remaining is updating the diagram (the pointer is dia).
Perhaps I will fix this later on the evening, I'm going to do something
else now :-).

For now I'll just assume it's a minor issue which all other core Dia
developers know how to solve (so feel free to quick-email me how to do
that, it could save me a few minutes of searching for it).

If there's stuff you'd like to be different from how the patch is now,
please tell me. Else: I have a CVS-account on cvs.gnome.org. If you want
me to, I can commit this.

Using this patch, an intersection of the available properties is
generated and using that intersection, a properties dialog box is
created. When clicking OK or Apply, all selected objects are notified to
change their properties to the new ones.

I didn't had to code much since all functionality used (like creating an
intersection of the available properties) was already available.

Next on the list is to fix the properties box for a grouped object. At
this moment it will show an empty-one. This isn't necessary. A grouped
object can give it's subobjects as a GList. This routine would already
load a property box with an intersection of the available properties.


For a grouped object, I'd (as a user) prefer an union of the properties.
Which is also no problem, the functionality for that is also already

If this gets accepted by you folks (the core developers of Dia), I will
most likely continue with my idea's and provide a properties box for
grouped objects too.


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