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Re: Setting the properties of multiple selected objects in stead of just one (the first or only selected->data)

On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Alexander wrote:

Zhang Lin-bo schrieb:
and if objects originally
have different values for a property, the original
value shown in the dialog should be greyed (like
other office tools do)

What if 2 got color "blue", 1 got color "red" and 3 got color "green" and I
want to change color of all to "white"? Option dialogs with grayed fields
make mum's oldest angry like chief rain-in-face :-) (and the dialog would be
a useless feature. Why making it possible to edit multiple objects and then
limit it again)

I meant the current color is displayed 'greyed', but the user can still change the color, and once the user assigns a new color it is shown in the normal way (otherwise what color is displayed before the user making changes, blue, red, or green? :))


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