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Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

At 23:09 17.07.04, Lars Clausen wrote:

> May I suggest a sligtly different approach ?
> It goes as follows :
> - declare a feature/string/deep freeze at the appropriate time for the trunk
> [IIRC feature freeze was about two weeks ago]
> - for every (pre-)release just do a tag
> - at least until release candidates all bugfixes go directly to the trunk
> (if some new development really must be done during a freeze it can
> easily go into a specific branch and be merged after the thawing HEAD.
> Like it was e.g. done for the Gtk2 port ...)

That's what I did for 0.93, and I seem to remember you complaining about
why I did it that way rather than having a release branch.

Nope, at least not as far as I remeber, but it may be a matter of from where one looks at it. As noted above, I think I've also done so in the beginning of Gtk2 porting, where noone else was interested ...

But with 0.93 you *as the maintainer* declared official development should take place on the created branch. Which gave us a bunch of bugs in bugzilla which IMO were completely superfluous. [Just too much overhead for some temporary expected breakage. Also wasn't there quite some highly experimental stuff?].

Anyway the point I was trying to make is :
IMO a project with so few active developers should try to not split/loose them over too many parallel branches. Also I would appreciate a little warnig on dia-list if a feature is going to seriously break HEAD or maybe even some notes on why a specific change should be done (or at least trace in the ChangeLog)

        "xpm->png, namespace fix, first rotation bits."

If there really needs to be a transition from xmp to png, please keep
*.shape, *.png _and_ Makefile.am in sync with your change.

Also *please* add png as binary - otherwise they'll not be arriving as valid png on the windoze site. To fix it afterwards use 'cvs admin -kb *.png' as mentioned in the ChangeLog (Now that *was* complaining ;)


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get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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