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Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 11:45, Hans Breuer wrote:
> At 22:50 09.07.04, Lars Clausen wrote:
> >Trying hard to decrease the time between releases, I have now put out
> >0.94-pre1 at http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/dia/.
> >
> >Major new features include highlighting of objects when dragging
> >connectors onto connection points, 5 new shape sets, connection possible
> >between layers, hexagonal grid, Cairo renderer,
> >WMF writer for Unix,
> sorry, but that's only part of the story :
> 2004-05-24  Hans Breuer  <hans breuer org>
>          * plug-ins/wmf/Makefile.am : finally compile the wmf plug-in
>          under *NIX, too. [If you want something done, do it yourself ;-]
>          * plug-ins/wmf/wmf_gdi.[hc] : some more stuff to catch up
>          with wmf.cpp's GDI usage
>          * plug-ins/wmf/wmf.cpp : compile even without HAVE_WINDOWS_H,
>          [For the moment it does not much more than compiling, i.e.
>          the produced WMF files are invalid, if not created on windoze.]

Oh.  It is indeed not in the list.  Well, WMF lovers on Unix will just
have to wait.

> >a new combined persistence system.  There's also some other stuff plus
> >many polishings, bug fixes and leaks.
> >
> >This release I'm trying with the release in a CVS branch, to not stop
> >development.  Which means that fixes need to be applied in both
> >branches, and translations should be copied over, too.  It'll be
> >interesting to see if the translations can move easily between branch
> >and trunk...
> May I suggest a sligtly different approach ?
> It goes as follows :
> - declare a feature/string/deep freeze at the appropriate time for the trunk
>    [IIRC feature freeze was about two weeks ago]
> - for every (pre-)release just do a tag
> - at least until release candidates all bugfixes go directly to the trunk
> (if some new development really must be done during a freeze it can
> easily go into a specific branch and be merged after the thawing HEAD.
> Like it was e.g. done for the Gtk2 port ...)

That's what I did for 0.93, and I seem to remember you complaining about
why I did it that way rather than having a release branch.


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