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Re: Centering Objects (was: Re: help wanted, trying out a few ideas for post 0.94)

On Sat, 2004-07-17 at 11:31, Hans Breuer wrote:
> At 19:57 16.07.04, anthonym overture com wrote:
> [...]
> >One question for the group, is it possible to access alignment operations
> >via the python scripting?  I'd love to have a keybinding which would do
> >the equivalent of aligning 2 objects middle and center.  I often do this
> >in order to get boxes of text, I'll draw the object, draw the text centered,
> >then align center and middle (via many menu dives), finally group them.
> >
> >If the scripting would allow me to automate this sort of action, or if
> >I've completely missed something and there's some easier way to do it
> >I'd love to find out.
> See the attached script. Implementing some alignment is pretty easy (I think).
> There is no need to implement some some "alignment ops" in the bindings 
> [what ever this means ;]. Everything to accomplish the task was already there.
> Only it is lacking the ability to undo at the moment ...

How hard would it be to generally make the Python primitives
undo-aware?  It's annoying that scripted changes can't be undone, and it
seems to me that it's just a question of creating the undo object and
calling that instead of calling the underlying function directly.

Or did I ask you this already?  Must be getting tired.


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