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Re: win32 build: (L)GPL and menu bar -- was Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

> It seems the LGPL is displayed by the installer (instead of the GPL)

Thanks for pointing this out. COPYING is in .cvsignore Could we remove
it from there and commit it to the CVS? That would have prevented
the problem in the first case.

> Also it was discussed earlier to have the menu bar in diagram window by
> default for win32 builds. These would greatly help Windows users to
> become familiar with dia.

As there's no trivial way in NSIS to copy configuration files to the "HOME"
directories of all users (at least according to my queries to the NSIS 
archive), the only way to achieve this would be to change the
preference in the source code. Could this be committed to the CVS? I see
that our big brother GIMP comes configured like this even on Linux.


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