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Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

Steffen Macke wrote:

Trying hard to decrease the time between releases, I have now put out
0.94-pre1 at http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/dia/.

A Windows version of Dia 0.94-pre1 is available from



I noticed that the samples for the sheets I contributed cannot be opened with
the windows release. Those were old examples from a previous dia release
which I did not update because they were opening fine with 0.94cvs.

The problem is the following: (several similar messages)

file:///CA/Lang/dia-0.94-pre1/samples/KAOS.dia:2: parser error : Opening and end
ing tag mismatch: layer line 2 and attribute
type="KAOS - goal" version="0" id="O111.1345,0.16;16.79,2.39"/></dia:attribute>


file:///CA/Lang/dia-0.94-pre1/samples/KAOS.dia:3: parser error : Specification m
andate value for attribute t.07469
t.07469,5.9"/></dia:attribute><dia:attribute name="obj_bb"><dia:rectangle val="1

file:///CA/Lang/dia-0.94-pre1/samples/KAOS.dia:3: parser error : attributes cons
truct error
t.07469,5.9"/></dia:attribute><dia:attribute name="obj_bb"><dia:rectangle val="1

I fixed the problem for the sample diagrams I contributed simply by reencoding them with
this release. I tried writing in windows and reading in Linux and the other way around - it works.
Please find those sheets attached. Could they make their way in the next 0.98-pre ?
(just overwrite the corresponding files in the sample subdirectory)

I also noticed the same problem with the diagram called "render-test.dia".
All the other samples seem OK. I don't know if it is worth having a closer look.


Ponsard Christophe -- CETIC/FAUST
Aéropole, rue Clément Ader 8, B-6041 Gosselies
tel: ++32/71/91 98 26 web: http://www.cetic.be
email: christophe ponsard cetic be --------------------------------------------------

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