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Re: Unable to correctly compile dia on NetBSD

Lars Clausen wrote:

On Sun, 2004-07-11 at 22:42, Jean-Baka Domelevo wrote:

Lars Clausen wrote:

gcc != Gnu Make.  What does make --version say?

OK, I'm a fool. Actually I was using a BSD-style make (the one coming by default with NetBSD). And I must confess I didn't read correctly your hint. Mea culpa, and now with gmake everything works fine for version 0.93. I'll try the CVS version as soon as I can.
Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Please try the 0.94-pre1 release first, that's the one that needs bugs stamped out.

OK, that's what I began to try yesterday night. At the moment I cant only tell you that Python and Python-XML *are* required to build correctly, as it has already been reported.
The second problem occurs in app/paginate_psprint.c, which appears to be a faulty code. I agree it's not that important, according to the note below, appearing in the code.

/* all the signal stuff below doesn't compile on win32, but it isn't * needed anymore because the pipe handling - which never worked on win32
* anyway - is replace by "native" postscript printing now ...
__sighandler_t old_action;

But in this piece of code, __sighandler_t is reported by the compiler as unknown because not defined before. I'm sure it will be easy to correct this, and I'll try again as soon as it's done.

The second NETBSD dia user,

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