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Re: two small changes

On 17 Jul 2003, Krzysztof Foltman wrote:
> This one eliminates one of three startup warnings (this one is caused
> by unref'ing a NULL font; I'm not sure if it's correct to fix it here,
> maybe the font shouldn't be non-NULL in the first place).

Seems like more places unref fonts without checking; I've added the null
check to dia_font_unref instead.

> This one fixes 3 existing and adds 2 new connection points in
> Component object in UML. May I safely add connections to existing
> objects without breaking compatibility ? (I've tried to load some old
> diagram with one component, doesn't crash).

As long as the old connections don't move, backwards compatibility is
fine.  If the old connections move, some diagrams, while still loadable,
will have connections in the old places, only to snap to the new positions
when edited.  Since the Component connections were so broken anyway, I'd go
ahead and fix them.

Forwards compatibility is more tricky, try to see what happens if you load
a diagram with your new connections into an old Dia.

Problem is, your patch seems broken.  Could you try to send me a new one as
an attachment, or maybe put it in as a bug report in bugzilla?  Anything
that reformats text runs the risk of breaking a patch.


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