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Drawing components? (UML, CORBA, CCM)


(how) can I draw CCM-like components in dia?  CCM is the
CORBA Component Model and one will use UML to describe CCM
systems.  However, some "arrows" seem to be missing in dia.

                  recep                recep
      facet +---+ tacle    facet +---+ tacle
            |pon|                |pon|
     event |_|  | event   event |_|  | event
    source  |   | sink   source  |   | sink
           |_|  |               |_|  |
            +---+                +---+

"component" and "implements" (= facet) exist, but
receptacle, event source and event sink are missing.  A much
better and more accurate image can be found here:
(or http://ccmtools.sourceforge.net/tutorial/img27.png).

Second question:

(how) can I add more lines to an UML component?  There seem
to be only eight connection points by default.  The left
three of them are not even on the component box, but on the
bounding box and thence useless to me.

Many thanks in advance!


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