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Re: Hello

Le Fri, Mar 22, 2002, à 07:48:45AM +1100, David a écrit:

> Have you thought of using some of Sodipodi's features.
> Maybe you could enable dia to call some of Sodipodi's functions to provide 
> functionality that dia doesn't. Gradients and some level of vectorising 
> spring to mind. Not sure how close your SVG capabilities are to each other 
> though..

Importing sodipodi's gradient features into dia is probably much more hassle
than either not doing, or redoing it completely. It is very possible that
this gradient feature may have some appeal for those producing diagrams for
PHB consumption (and we eventually all are).

Now, on Sodipodi's "vectorising capabilities": it looks like it can do out
of a bitmap exactly what dia can: treat it as a bitmap object (that is, a
pretty rectangle). Of course, sodipodi's capabilities in the geometric
transforms department (shear, rotate, etc.) are much more advanced than
dia's (zoom and basta), and dia's bitmap objects have connection points.

If/when someone writes a vectorising feature, the right approach would be to
do that either as a standalone program outputting a standard format like
SVG, or as a easily reuseable (Free) library. This would benefit both
sodipodi and dia (and Kivio, and ...)

	-- Cyrille


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