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Re: Hello

Le Wed, Mar 20, 2002, à 01:57:49PM -0300, Rusty a écrit:

> Hello, I just subscribed to the list, and I have a few wonderings.

(which can all be solved by a not even long perusal of the fine manual)

> First, I know is pretty basic, so I'm sorry, but how do I delete an
> object ?
> I mean, I create a square, for example, but then I don't know how to
> erase it.
> And second, I would like to go from some 2 bit color jpg I have, to Dia,
> is there any way of vectorizing them ?

This is somewhere between a PhD and a patented solution problem. Either way,
it's none of dia's business (dia can reload from several vector formats, and
the place of such a bitmap vectorising effort is in a standalone tool, to be
perhaps integrated as a plugin once it works. It would be a total waste of
effort to develop a dia-only automatic vectorising capability).

> Any of U know if there's gonna be an option to export vectorized images
> to more standard formats, like jpg or png ?

Euh... You mean, once you've vectorised an image, you want to export it back
to a raster format ? And then, what do you do next: vectorise again ? 

Anyway, dia has working bitmap export, it's not even deeply buried in the

	-- Cyrille


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