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Re: Hello

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002 04:43, you wrote:
> > And second, I would like to go from some 2 bit color jpg I have, to Dia,
> > is there any way of vectorizing them ?
> This is somewhere between a PhD and a patented solution problem. Either
> way, it's none of dia's business (dia can reload from several vector
> formats, and the place of such a bitmap vectorising effort is in a
> standalone tool, to be perhaps integrated as a plugin once it works. It
> would be a total waste of effort to develop a dia-only automatic
> vectorising capability).

Have you thought of using some of Sodipodi's features.

Maybe you could enable dia to call some of Sodipodi's functions to provide 
functionality that dia doesn't. Gradients and some level of vectorising 
spring to mind. Not sure how close your SVG capabilities are to each other 

I can't program
I don't understand much of how either program work

Don't shoot me if this is a really stupid idea.

Best Regards,

David Price

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