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RE: symbol plug-in?

Robert Young,

Thanks for the information.

John J. Cruz
Kettering, MD

On Sun, 2002-03-10 at 18:45, Young, Robert wrote:
> > John J. Cruz wrote:
> > 
> > I'm new to Dia and this mailing list.  Please excuse me if these
> > questions have already been asked.
> Welcome!
> > (1) Is there a menu option I can "click" on to set the 
> > drawing screen to
> > equal the same size that gets printed?
> Is View->Show All (CTRL-A) what you are looking for?
> > (2) The Electric menu of symbols is not large enough,  there are no
> > single pole-double throw switches, etc.  Is there a plug-in that I can
> > download?
> The current set of symbols is all that have been contributed, so far. Please
> feel free to add your own and then submit them for inclusion with Dia! The
> Electric shapes are in shapes/Electric and the corresponding sheet is
> sheets/Electric.sheet . For an explanation of how it all works, look in
> doc/custom-shapes and take a look at some existing shapes - often a good
> starting point.
> Have fun!
> Rob.
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