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RE: symbol plug-in?

> John J. Cruz wrote:
> I'm new to Dia and this mailing list.  Please excuse me if these
> questions have already been asked.


> (1) Is there a menu option I can "click" on to set the 
> drawing screen to
> equal the same size that gets printed?

Is View->Show All (CTRL-A) what you are looking for?

> (2) The Electric menu of symbols is not large enough,  there are no
> single pole-double throw switches, etc.  Is there a plug-in that I can
> download?

The current set of symbols is all that have been contributed, so far. Please
feel free to add your own and then submit them for inclusion with Dia! The
Electric shapes are in shapes/Electric and the corresponding sheet is
sheets/Electric.sheet . For an explanation of how it all works, look in
doc/custom-shapes and take a look at some existing shapes - often a good
starting point.

Have fun!


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