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Re: Freetype Font Path

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Robert Young wrote:
> G'Day,
> The recent --enable-freetype CVS build has been segfaulting on me and I
> have traced it down to two distinct problems:
> Firstly, message_error and it's friends don't work and I don't see any
> warnings or errors or any kind of messages in X or the console. I have't
> looked too deeply into this one but it causes the next problem not to be
> warned about around font.c:935 .

Not having message_error working is bad.  It would help a lot to see the

> Secondly, XGetFontPath returns the string "unix:/7100" in
> font_init_freetype() which is the XFS 'path'. It appears that the current
> code is unable to find any fonts on this path and as a result there are
> NULL pointers all over the place which eventually get referenced when
> font_getfont_with_style gets called. I looked at a couple of other
> programs which used Freetype and couldn't find a consistent method for
> determining the path to the fonts (some seem to hard code it as a last
> resort).

Unopenable font paths are not a problem, they are simply skipped.  The
problem appears if there are no local fonts.  Are you getting all your
fonts from a server?

> I note that man XGetFontPath says that clients shouldn't use this - but
> doesn't give any helpful suggestions :-(

Is this XFree86 4.* or 3.*?

> /usr/sbin/chkfontpath returns a list of the installed font paths - and
> doesn't mention unix:/7100.

Don't know where that one comes from, so I can't compare.


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