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Freetype Font Path


The recent --enable-freetype CVS build has been segfaulting on me and I have
traced it down to two distinct problems:

Firstly, message_error and it's friends don't work and I don't see any
warnings or errors or any kind of messages in X or the console. I have't
looked too deeply into this one but it causes the next problem not to be
warned about around font.c:935 .

Secondly, XGetFontPath returns the string "unix:/7100" in
font_init_freetype() which is the XFS 'path'. It appears that the current
code is unable to find any fonts on this path and as a result there are NULL
pointers all over the place which eventually get referenced when
font_getfont_with_style gets called. I looked at a couple of other programs
which used Freetype and couldn't find a consistent method for determining
the path to the fonts (some seem to hard code it as a last resort). 

I note that man XGetFontPath says that clients shouldn't use this - but
doesn't give any helpful suggestions :-(

/usr/sbin/chkfontpath returns a list of the installed font paths - and
doesn't mention unix:/7100.

This is under RH7.2 with all the required libraries installed.



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