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RE: Freetype Font Path

> Lars Clausen wrote
> On Thu, 7 Mar 2002, Robert Young wrote:
> > G'Day,
> > 
> > The recent --enable-freetype CVS build has been segfaulting 
> on me and I
> > have traced it down to two distinct problems:


> > Secondly, XGetFontPath returns the string "unix:/7100" in
> > font_init_freetype() which is the XFS 'path'. It appears 
> that the current
> > code is unable to find any fonts on this path and as a 
> result there are
> > NULL pointers all over the place which eventually get 
> referenced when
> > font_getfont_with_style gets called. I looked at a couple of other
> > programs which used Freetype and couldn't find a consistent 
> method for
> > determining the path to the fonts (some seem to hard code 
> it as a last
> > resort).
> Unopenable font paths are not a problem, they are simply skipped.  The
> problem appears if there are no local fonts.  Are you getting all your
> fonts from a server?

It appears that all fonts are obtained from the font server (which is the
same machine). The only path returned from XGetFontPath is "unix:/7100".
Locally there are heaps of fonts installed and the X font server is aware of
all of them - does X need to know about them as well (using xset +fp=<path>
for instance)??

> > I note that man XGetFontPath says that clients shouldn't 
> use this - but
> > doesn't give any helpful suggestions :-(
> Is this XFree86 4.* or 3.*?


> > /usr/sbin/chkfontpath returns a list of the installed font 
> paths - and
> > doesn't mention unix:/7100.
> Don't know where that one comes from, so I can't compare.

Looks like a RedHat specific command from looking at the man page - not much

I looked a tiny bit at Pango but couldn't find how it obtains it's font
paths as this would be good to copy. Some programs are already using Pango,
but it may be too bleeding edge.

Any other ideas? If I get time I'll look into the message_error problem



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