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Re: ./configure does not find libxml2 in dia-0.88.1

On Wednesday 6 Mar 02, Cyrille Chepelov writes:
> Le Wed, Mar 06, 2002, à 04:49:59PM +0000, David Starks-Browning a écrit:
> > I installed libxml2 because the gnome-xml FAQ says not to install
> > libxml!  (Plus libxml-1.8.17 doesn't build for me anyway...)
> > 
> > But ./configure chokes when it cannot find xml-config, and does not
> > look for xml2-config.  What should I do?  Messages in the dia-list
> can you grep ./configure for "xml2-config", and confirm that the xml2-config
> script is indeed in your $PATH ?

There is no "xml2" in ./configure.  Yes, xml2-config is in my path.

> Honestly, I'm not sure now whether 0.88.1 could build with libxml2. The
> snapshots are intended to stabilise, but... we're having some tough issues
> with Unicode and FreeType at the moment (this is mostly makefile
> fine-tuning; I expect we're in a better state two weeks from now).

OK, thanks for the status report.  Meanwhile I'll ask the gnome-xml
list why libxml-1.8.17 doesn't build.


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