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Re: ./configure does not find libxml2 in dia-0.88.1

Le Wed, Mar 06, 2002, à 04:49:59PM +0000, David Starks-Browning a écrit:

> I installed libxml2 because the gnome-xml FAQ says not to install
> libxml!  (Plus libxml-1.8.17 doesn't build for me anyway...)
> But ./configure chokes when it cannot find xml-config, and does not
> look for xml2-config.  What should I do?  Messages in the dia-list

can you grep ./configure for "xml2-config", and confirm that the xml2-config
script is indeed in your $PATH ?

> archives suggest that ./configure should find xml2-config.  Is that
> only true for snapshots and CVS?  Are they considered stable, or

Honestly, I'm not sure now whether 0.88.1 could build with libxml2. The
snapshots are intended to stabilise, but... we're having some tough issues
with Unicode and FreeType at the moment (this is mostly makefile
fine-tuning; I expect we're in a better state two weeks from now).

> should I wait for the next proper release?  (We still have dia-0.86 as
> shipped with on few RH-7.1 boxes here.)

Wow -- no, if you can build 0.88.1, please do so. There is one major
annoying bug in it, but it's vastly improved from 0.86

	-- Cyrille


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