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Adding Shapes - New user

Hello diaficienados,

I decided to have a crack a Dia because Visio is truly irritating and
I wanted to make my own symbols.   So far so good.  I have it up and
running on WinXP and have spent a while reading FAQ and Help.  And I
had a whack at making a new symbol.

I successfully created a shape for an LED (Diode with a circle around
and some arrows).  I wanted to make a personal sheet of shapes and put
the shape in it, but I am not clear on how to get this to happen.

I tried a couple of things to no avail and am ready to see if I can
get some pointers.

Is there a step by step (like baby steps) on how to do this?  The
instructions I have seen assume a greater knowledge of Dia than I

Best regards,

Michael Ross
Cycling in Central North Carolina
Linear LWB, Greenspeed GTO, BikeE CT

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