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Re: Questions on new shapes and new plugins

Cyrille Chepelov wrote:

(side note to CS lab instructors: I've seen on this list and privately a couple messages that seem to indicate that dia is now beginning to be a popular subject for practical training assignments. Which is really good, I look forwards to seeing integrable results! If at all possible, please consider the Shape->C converter project above as a potential assignment...)

Hi all,

Thanks alot for your informative explainations. What I am aiming at is extending Dia to suit my honors project implementation.

My projects targets at using a visual programs as modelling tool to represent knowledge. In plain text, I can have many topics and they are linked together, and the network is similar to the graph, isnt it? Each knowledge element is similar to a node and relationship is a edge. Moreover, we need to supply the evidence supporting each node, that is when the embedded information comes into use. What I would like to get embedded is the information about publications, papers, news, abstracts or whatever can describe the topic, and they are in various forms like text, html, pdf, images. This kind of graph can be helpful for research students when they are doing Literature Review as they can quickly review what information they've covered, from which source, and how they are inter-related.

So my desire tools is to extend Dia so that users can create nodes and links( thats easy as Dia already good at this) and add embedded info. New plugin can interact with existing database in BibTeX, EndNote... and update them on-the-fly as users add or delete items. Any suggestions to make it more sense?

Dia has been my first choice in design site map, layout and partly UML design since my undergraduate degree in Linux. Nice program, and
furthermore I am now extending this, even better.


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