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Questions on new shapes and new plugins

From reading code and other how-tos stuff, I have learnt that we 2 kinds of plugins in Dia:

1. Soft: new shapes and sheets are created, put in .dia/shapes & sheets, or put in the source and make modifications in Make files. I called it soft because it does not require us to change the source much.

2. Hard: you do this when you need new shapes + new properties, and you need some kind of thing like new dialog showing non-standard properties popped up when double clicking the objects( like in UML). This requires us to add source code in /objects and have to declare our own drawing, properties getting functions.

My question is that is it possible to have the mixture of them? Say, I have the shapes and sheets already exported in svg, I just want to define my own properties and functions to get the properties displayed nicely in a dialog without declaring my own object drawing function.

If possible, which file in the source I need to look at? I had a look at /lib/renderer.* /lin/svgrenderer.c but didnt have a clue.


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