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Installing Dia in Windows XP

Dia sounds like a pretty neat program. But attempts to download it completely failed. I have Windows XP.


I went to the Dia Tutorial.


First of all, in paragraph 3 of the tutorial, I attempted to download the GTK+2.4 version of GTK. I clicked on <Source>, and nothing happened. Then I clicked on <Installation Guide>. To a novice, the instructions that followed are gibberish with so many options I didn’t know what to choose.


Then under GNOME, it says GNOME is optional, but up above, it said, “To build dia, you need to install (in order)”, then GNOME was in the list. Seems to be contradictory.


I had previously downloaded the file dia-0.93.tar.gz (4.624 MB). I attempted to unzip dia-0.93.tar.gz with gzip124xN.exe (157 KB) which I also downloaded, but that failed.


What do I do?


Jim Dueweke


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