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Re: Adding something to the GUI

Le Fri, Aug 29, 2003, � 03:49:40PM +0200, Peter Poulsen a �crit:
> I have been making a small extension to Dia, that allows to use a
> hex-grid instead of the normal rectangular-grid. Now I would like to
> make it available as an option in the preference menu/dialog. However,
> being new to both Dia and Gtk it is a little hard to find out where to
> make changes. Is there any documentation of Dia that could tell me a
> little about this? I cannot find any in the cvs (sorry if it is there
> and I just missed it).

Heh, a hex grid sounds a nice improvement... Have a look at

Yep, the internals documentation is a bit lacking.

	-- Cyrille

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