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Re: creating latex macro from custom shapes

On 25 Aug 2003, Nathan Rollins wrote:
> Thank you for responding.  Due to time constraints, I wan't able to debug
> this issue.  I was however pleasantly suprised at the quality of the
> *.eps files that dia exports.  The *.eps files that some other programs
> create are poor quality diagrams.  Dia's *.eps files were good enough to
> use with latex - even when shrunk.

Thank you!  I had no idea there was such a difference, but it's good to
know we're at the good end.

> Dia does come with a number of useful objects, however they are not
> useful under many circumstances because they cannot be rotated.  This is
> why I created many of my own shapes (such as the OR and XOR gates).  I
> applaud dia's ability to create really useful shapes in this way!

Yeah, rotation is one of our weak (read: non-existant) points.  As soon as
I figure out a good UI for it, though...  I'm glad that you were able to
work around it.


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