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Re: Dia and Scicos

On 21 Aug 2003, Ramine Nikoukhah wrote:
> Scicos is a Scilab toolbox for modeling and simulating dynamical
> systems using a block diagram editor. Scilab can be considered
> a free Matlab and Scicos is like Simulink.
> Currently we have written the editor of Scicos in Scilab graphics.
> Recently I came across Dia when I installed my new Suse and I
> started wondering if Dia could be used as a graphical editor for scicos.
> Having briefly examined Dia, it seems to me that many of the
> features we need in scicos are already available in Dia, except
> perhaps hierarchy. What do you think?

The CVS version of Dia has hierarchy in one sense:  Objects can be
contained inside other objects, moved along with them and so on.  I don't
know if this is the kind you have in mind.


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