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Re: No, I speak English :P [Re: A chance to help]

On 22 Aug 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:
> Programming in American, even if the Gnu standard mandates it is simply a
> bad idea.
> The standard for English is en-GB, british English.
>> From a programming and translation point of view it is easiest for the C
> locale to be en == en-GB and change to American English for the few
> exceptional cases.
> American English is spoken by North Americans and one or two east Asian
> countries (Japan I think).  Standard English is spoken by the majority of
> the English speaking world, thanks India ;)

That may be, but I'm not trying to make strings that are native language
for the largest number of people, or I'd be writing in Mandarin:)

I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for the translators.  Since other
Gnu programs, for which most likely many Dia translators also translate,
use American English as the base, that's what I want to use.

Don't worry, you won't be seeing "The file couldn't be, like, y'know,
found." or f*ck in every other message.  I merely want to standardize
spelling to what translators are used to translating.


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