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Re: No, I speak English :P [Re: A chance to help]

Le Sat, Aug 23, 2003, � 11:57:36AM +0100, Alan Horkan a �crit:

> It is not so much that I mind American English as I mind choosing an
> Americanism when a Standard English phrase would be correct for both and
> more widely understandable.

The text displayed in a piece of software should be the simplest and
most straightforward one. If that includes one of the words which are
spelt differently between en_US and en_GB (not even thinking about words
which would be used in one but no the other), then use a different .po
file, that's what they're for.

Now, if 99% of the differences between en_GB and en_US for the small subset of
these languages actually used in software user interfaces can be handled by
a sed job, I really don't see why following the standards (and helping
the translation teams of all languages which don't match "^en_.*$")
outweighs being inconsistent w.r.t the other packages of the project.

	-- Cyrille 


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