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Re: Adding property to "line"

On 8 Aug 2003, Sven Vermeulen wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 08, 2003 at 11:19:28AM +0200, Cyrille Chepelov wrote:
>> Huh, is it certain that a checkbox is the best thing to do? Shouldn't we
>> have an enum an nice graphic comboboxes like for the other line
>> properties?  (even if we start by implementing only single and double
>> lines, you can already argue: how much spacing between the two lines?
>> For instance, if the basic line width is "lw", it may be useful to have:
>> line(lw), space(lw), line(lw) but also line(lw), space(lw/2), line(lw)
>> and line(lw), space(lw*2), line(lw) or foreground(lw), background(lw),
>> foreground(lw) and foreground(lw), background(lw*2), foreground(lw) this
>> would be a must with foreground=orange, background=yellow, to sketch a
>> quick map to a destination which includes motorways
>> At least, SVG is mute on this topic.
> It's ofcourse better to have the implementation more flexible, but I'm
> actually just searching for a double-line and hope to have something
> working in a decent timeschedule.
> Plus it's a good way for me to get used to the dia codebase :) If I get
> used to that, perhaps I can contribute (I didn't use dia before until
> now, but I really think it's going to help me with my current studies --
> give or take a few features :)
>> objects/standard/line.c/line_draw() affects only the "Standard - Line"
>> object. 
> It is on the "Standard - Line" that I want to achieve the double-line
> feature. But even when I clear the line_draw() function from dia, the
> "Standard - Line" still shows.
> When I double-click on that line, I get the properties for it (and it
> sais "Properties: Standard - Line") so I'm pretty sure I'm working with
> the correct object :)

Are you sure you're running the correct code?  If you compile but don't
install and then run dia or app/dia, you're going to get the installed
version, i.e. not the one you just changed.  Either you should do a make
install after each change (probably not a good idea), or use the script
app/run_dia.sh to start dia from the source dirs.


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