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Re: using dia for graphs (as in graph theory)

On 9 Aug 2003, Andrew Clausen wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can dia do nested graphs?  (i.e. graphs inside a node)

The CVS version (and upcoming 0.92) can do nested graphs to some extent.
There's still some things needed to make it really good, but we have the
parenting setup that allows basic nesting.  I'd like to see parents being
able to prevent their children from being drawn, but that can be more
tricky (must hide connections and handles and stuff).

> Are there any generic graph shapes?  ATM, there are only things like
> flowchart and UML.  I want to be able to lay down nodes and edges with
> labels, and be able to nest them all.  (Eg: to represent Markov chains)

There's the basic shapes always shown in the toolbox.  The boxes and
circles there don't allow parenting right now, but could be made to by
setting a single flag.  


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