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RE: Cisco icons for Dia (still very much alive)

Well, the short answer is that Cisco released some new icons yesterday and I haven't caught up yet.

I am in the process of converting the March 2003 Cisco PowerPoint colour icon set to Dia shapes. They're all done, and people are successfully using them, but there are still a number of bugs - particularly when printed (the lines come out too thick) - so I consider my version to still be in beta.

My intention is that these should be a drop-in replacement for the black and white set.

There are around 10 new icons in yesterday's release (and a couple of changes - the new cellphone icon is much nicer), and I will add them to my set shortly. I'm hoping they will all be finished by the end of August. Note that Cisco's own set isn't consistent across different formats.

And no, I've certainly not reached the point where I can convert anything Visio directly to Dia - my current route is to print to a PostScript file, then convert that to SVG. Anyone who needs this done is welcome to ask.

Those who wish to beta test the colour set are welcome at http://public.logicacmg/~redferni/dia - comments always welcome.

Ian Redfern.

On Fri, 2003-08-01 at 08:08, Brian A. Seklecki wrote:
Hopefully this isn't OT, but Cisco has additional, more Cisco-centric
icons available at: 
(CCO guest level access required) ... there are greyscale and bluetone
[Adobe?] Illustrator (.eps) (viewable in ggv and gv), as well as MS
Visio (.vss) versions.  However, there is absolutely no copyright /
licensing info on these .  There are 213 of them.

I bring this up because there are close to 250 icons in the most recent
TIF format package at: 


...and 200 more at:


...and I'm not sure if/how they overlap with those available at:


...but I'm sure most people would prefer to have as many as possible at
their disposal.

Also I'm not sure how much more reverse engineering progress has been
made on the Visio file format since June of 2002, but these new Icons
may provide higher resolution output for use in Sheets/Shapes.


I found the original thread in the archives:

I've converted the Cisco standard icon set to Dia shapes, so I can do my
network diagrams in Dia. It contains most of Cisco's products, plus 82
miscellaneous icons for datacoms and telecoms equipment, computers,
people, buildings and the essential fluffy cloud.

According to the Cisco download page, the icons are not copyrighted.

Anyone interested can download them from
http://public.logica.com/~redferni/dia/ - do let me know if they're any
Ian Redfern
Telecoms Solutions
Logica UK
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7446 1686
Email: RedfernI@logica.com
Ian Redfern
UK Telecoms Solutions
Tel: +44 20 7637 9111
Email: Ian.Redfern@LogicaCMG.com

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