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Re: noise: Freetype and Windows

At 23:34 28.10.02 +0000, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> > It is currently broken (just once more: please read 'Heads up on
> > Pango Head') cause it uses fontconfig which appears to work on X
> > but IMHO needs a complete rewrite to fit into the win32 platform.
>But it's only HEAD of Pango that uses fontconfig; shouldn't pangoft2
>in the pango-1-0 branch still work fine? Does Dia really require GTK+
>and Pango HEAD?
Pango/FT2 1.0 should work but IMHO Dia not even requires Pango/FT2 
on win32 at all. Additionally at least I don't plan to do any 
porting to use a library whiches future portability is 
questionable ...

At 21:06 28.10.02 -0600, Lars Clausen wrote:
>As I understand it, Win32 Dia only requires Freetype for EPS export.
>Printing is done via the native printing interface, and antialiasing via
>the native font interface.  
Yupp. With my backporting of the DiaPsRenderer to use strings - not font
outlines - there even was some basic (latin-1 only) eps support again.

The 'native aliasing' requires Pango future though, i.e. a not yet
accepted patch to Pango/win32. See bug #94791.


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