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Re: gtk-2.0

Le Mon, Mar 11, 2002, à 04:12:06PM -0600, Lars Clausen a écrit:

> The main question now is:  What do we do about Gtk 2.0 in Dia?  Do we make
> a branch for the conversion?  Do we use a HAVE_GTK_2_0 macro (as I have
> done so far)?  Do we ignore it till it stabilizes a bit?

I've made my opinion on the subject clear enough at several times.

Basically, we have to cater for three targets:
	* gtk
	* gtk-win32

Assuming the new 2.0 releases are really of release quality, we still miss
the non-beta GNOME libs. I'd say, let's see how others shake these for one,
perhaps two months. In the mean time, let's fix what we currently have, so
that we do a last gtk 1.4 release and then jump (this being said under the
assumption that the G2 stuff is not rotten and is going to be released in a
stable state and in a timely manner).

	-- Cyrille


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