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RE: textbox and shapes

> Wes Warner wrote:
> Hi again,
> 	I'm creating some new shapes.  The shapes I created had text in
> them, but it seems that the text can't be inserted with the 
> shapes.  Is this
> true?  So, I am trying to get my text to appear with the 
> "textbox" element,
> but I'm having some trouble.  I'm not sure where I would put 
> the actual text
> in my "textbox" line.  I have tried several ways, all with no 
> luck.  Any
> help would be greatly appreciated.

The custom shapes object doesn't support static text in the textbox at the
moment, that is, one cannot put text in the shape file and have it appear on
the shape. The textbox defines an area which the user enters text in once
the shape has been placed on a diagram.
You are more than welcome to add this text feature - SVG supports text and
implementing this in custom shapes would be great!
The documentation for custom shapes is in doc/custom-shapes and the code in


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