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Re: Setting the properties of multiple selected objects in steadof just one (the first or only selected->data)

On 13.01.2005 14:12, Philip Van Hoof wrote:
On Thu, 2005-01-13 at 15:34 +0100, Lars Clausen wrote:
>> [...]

Should it be possible to set all the properties of individual objects in
a group? In which case I think only a treeview of properties is going to
give it a usable userinterface (so rewriting the entire properties-gui).

IMO not. If you want to edit single object properties in a group
they need to be ongrouped first (Isn't that what groups are all about?)

Or does setting the properties of a group-object basically means setting
the changed values (in the dialogbox) of as much individual objects of
that group-object to the new value. So in that case the dialogbox needs
an union of properties of all individual objects.

This would be the (group properies) dialog showing the joined properties
and the selected-objects-dialog showing the intersection, right?
If so that's what I thought of at first, too. Sounds feasible - though
some extra work ;-)

o. Comments and suggestions about this feature from users who have
actually tested it.

I applied and it compiled nicely.  I saw two bugs (trying to use it with
boxes, ellipses and polygons):
2) Pressing Apply applied all properties to all objects, not just the
changed properties to all objects (FYI, that was the stage I got to in my
attempt for groups a while ago:)

To get the working correctly, we first need to show the user that he has changed a property. For example by doing something with the color. Then we will need to alter the functionality for applying properties to an object. Perhaps a flag in the struct of a property (gboolean changed) and letting the GUI set that flag. And letting the apply-handler check for it. Something like that . . .

I perhaps misunderstood the 'checkboxes' story of Hans. If this is what
he ment, it's indeed necessary to have something like it.
It is.

I don't feel,
however, a checkbox next to each property is going to make the user
understand what happened and/or what is going to happen. Delphi, I
remember,  and Visual Studio .NET, will bold/unbold the value-label of
changed properties.

The micro$oft of doing it is 'partly grayed' conbobox. It might be possible to add the visual representation of Dia's single property
widgets to a combobox and add a disable one to reflect the
not-changed-but-different case. Coming from the windoze site and
still using it more than mac or linux, I'd still prefer the "iTunes way".

Short: It's all possible. However. So far I haven't received many
feedback from the core developers of Dia. Currently I am waiting for
that interrupt to be set, by them, with perhaps instructions and
thoughts, from them, on the mailinglist of Dia :-).

Here you go!

Ah, oeps :-). I wasn't aware that you're the Lars from the authors.h
file! In that case I've indeed just received that interrupt.

Now you have met two of them ;-)


-------- Hans "at" Breuer "dot" Org -----------
Tell me what you need, and I'll tell you how to
get along without it.                -- Dilbert

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