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Re: Some aesthetic suggestions

Alan Horkan wrote:

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Aaron Dalton wrote:

Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 16:49:46 -0700
From: Aaron Dalton <aaron daltons ca>
Reply-To: discussions about usage and development of dia
   <dia-list gnome org>
To: dia-list gnome org
Subject: Some aesthetic suggestions

Now that I have begun working more with Dia, I am finding I am missing a
couple of things:

1) I would suggest either widening the vertical ruler so it is much more
clear what coordinate you are at, or putting the mouse's current x,y
position in the status bar somewhere.

As Dia is a Vector Graphics appliction I dont tend to think of Pixels very
often. I always use the grid for alignment and layout so I didn't notice
the absense of pixel information.

Don't think only about pixels. You could also display mm/cm/m/..., so you can save the time to convert units when placing something.

I wanted to plan the placement of my furnitures as I'm moving to a new flat. The absense of such information was one of the main reasons not using dia for this purpose :-(

I wouldn't want the rulers any chunkier
than they already are but it seems like it would be a good idea to see
about adding the cursor position to the status bar (please file an
enhancement request in bugzilla*).

2) When an object is selected, certain aggregate information would be
nice to have in the status bar; namely length of lines or area of the
bounding boxes of objects.

If you are a programmer and want to help add such functionality then
Patches are very welcome.

That would both be a very valuable thing IMHO.

But sorry, currently very limited time, as I'm moving to a new flat ;-)

Regards, ULFL

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