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Re: adding connection points to UML class diagrams?

Tim Olsen sagde:
> On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 07:34:11 +0100, Alexander <RittervomNie web de> wrote:
>> When I create classes in my version of Dia (0.94) they have connection
>> points at least at every corner and in the middle. So I'm able to
>> connect 3
>> associations to the bottom or top of each class and another to each
>> side:
> I get the same connection points.  I just don't like the way it looks
> when the lines are connected at the corners.
>> Use the right 'class'-element, update your dia or describe the problem
>> more
>> detailed *g*.
> I am using the class element in the UML package.  I am running
> debian's dia 0.94 patched to turn off font caching so that exporting
> postscript
> works.
> I would like to be able to add arbitrary connection points to the
> class element.  is this possible?

Yes, but complex.  Problem is that connection points are identified by
integers, and the UML class already gets additional connection points on
the sides as attributes and operations are added.  This makes it harder to
make sure the save files recognize the correct connections.  It would
probably not be a bad idea to be able to name CP's instead, however we
still need to figure out where which points should be placed when the
object gets resized.

If this confuses you, I can draw you a diagram of it.

It would get even trickier if we wanted an arbitrary number of points on
the top or bottom, which I'm sure somebody would want.  But that would
require some interface to add points.


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