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Re: help wanted, trying out a few ideas for post 0.94

On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 19:57, anthonym overture com wrote:
> If you are looking into keybindings a couple that I've really wanted
> (and vaguely recall existing at some point), are for Group and Ungroup.
> It seems that I'm often grouping and ungrouping while moving things
> around and hunting through the menu is tedious.

Ctrl-G and Shift-Ctrl-G

> Also, alignment operations might be nice to have in hot keys.

At this point, we are kinda running out.

> One question for the group, is it possible to access alignment operations
> via the python scripting?  I'd love to have a keybinding which would do
> the equivalent of aligning 2 objects middle and center.  I often do this
> in order to get boxes of text, I'll draw the object, draw the text centered,
> then align center and middle (via many menu dives), finally group them.

As far as I can tell, there no alignment ops in the Python plugin, but
it would certainly not be hard to add.  

> If the scripting would allow me to automate this sort of action, or if
> I've completely missed something and there's some easier way to do it
> I'd love to find out.

Take a look at the first four Flowchart objects.

> I think all the keybindings and renamings you mention sound fine.
> Looking forward to more keybindings.


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