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Re: Prerelease of 0.94 is out

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 20:21, Alan Horkan wrote:
> > Dia now opens a new diagram when started without arguments. Is this
> > intended or debug code?
> I believe that it makes sense and because it means you are ready to start
> that little bit sooner it feels almost faster.
> Do you dislike it?  Is it very annoying or just surprising?

It's surprising. Just noticed it switching from 0.93 to the new

Consider: Other programs (GIMP) don't do it. I don't know if we should
really try to predict what users want. Do you think a user starting dia
wants to create a new diagram in most cases?

Personally, I'm going to open existing diagrams after starting dia. What
about you?

> Ideally if you open a new document without touching that first document it
> would be replaced by the new document rather than hanging around but I
> dont expect it does that yet.

When with "new document" you mean "old document", and with "first
document" you mean "new document", I understand. :-)

Good idea. Currently, the empty document stays even if I just want to
edit my other, already existing document.


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