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Re: maintaining ratio during object resizing

On Fri, 2004-07-09 at 23:55, Alan Horkan wrote:
> > support for maintaining an object's height/width ratio during resizing?
> > I'm talking about the behaviour seen in many editors (eg. Photoshop)
> > when resizing while holding down the shift key.
> >
> > The only semi-related entry in Bugzilla is
> > http://bugs.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59880 but the reporter hasn't
> > worded things very clearly - I'm not even sure if this bug is at all
> > related to what I'm proposing.
> As far as I can tell that bug wants to be able to resize groups while
> retaining the fixed aspect ratio, but the problem is Dia doesn't allow
> resizing of groups yet.

That was my understanding, but the reporter also says "Need resize of
simple objects... Need fixed aspect resize", which is why I thought it
might be vaguely related.

I somehow managed to miss the following bugs, which are more


and the mailling list discussion which prompted one of them:


> > Sorry if this has been asked before, but the mail.gnome.org archives
> > can't be searched at present, and gmane doesn't carry dia-list. If
> that sucks.
> is there a bug report about the lack of search?  (presumably still broken
> since the break in when all kinds of things were disabled for security
> reasons).


Reported on 2004-05-12 but no comments and the status is still

Before finding this bug, I had reported the problem to mailman-owner g o
but have yet to receive a reply.

> what would we need to do for Gmane to carry the Dia list?

Gmane does carry dia, but it isn't accessible via the web interface. The
admins are aware of the problem. They have informed me that "The Dia
group probably won't be available on the web interface anytime soon."

However, I have recently discovered that you can access the dia list
through gmane's news interface - hurrah!

> you can still search using most search engines using
> site:mail.gnome.org
> to restrict the search to just the gnome mailing list site that along with
> the 'dia' and a few well chosen keywords usually does the trick.
> (I've never done it but downloading the Zipped Archives (mbx format i
> believe) and searching them locally (if you mail program has a good search
> tool) might also work for you).

Thanks for the info.



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