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Re: Rotation GUI

On 27 Aug 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Aug 2003, avp@cad.ru wrote:
>> Lars Clausen пишет:
>>> On 26 Aug 2003, Mårten Svantesson wrote:
>>>> Lars Clausen <lrclause@cs.uiuc.edu> writes:
>>>>> Yeah, rotation is one of our weak (read: non-existant) points.  As
>>>>> soon as I figure out a good UI for it, though...  I'm glad that you
>>>>> were able to work around it.
> Cant see the link mentioned right now (console interface) but if you have
> the backend done then the sooner you could add the following the better:

I do not have the backend done, I haven't even started on it.  I want to
get 0.92 out soon (once the sudden spate of isinf/finite problems is over,
I will release 0.92pre1), and only after that is done will I look at
rotation.  Sorry, but it'd delay the release too much to implement it now.

> Object
> Rotate Right  Ctrl+R
> Rotate Left   Ctrl+L
> (and maybe Rotate 180 too)
> Presumably Hub still intends to move Flip out of the context menu and
> into the object menu (Mac user) and there is the general principle of
> trying to avoid hiding things in context menus.

Yeah, those would be good as menu items.

> And yes, i realise the programmed objects unfortunately dont yet
> flip/rotate but that is a flaw in the programmed objects that may
> eventually be fixed by future refactoring, or perhaps will be solved by
> seperating the visual representation (style) of programmed objects into
> SVG shapes and keeping the programmed logic (content) as is.  who knows!?

Since I plan to implement rotate by having a transformation matrix (giving
us scaling and flipping at the same time), the programmed objects would
suddenly also be flippable.

> /me is very bitter about the GIMP which seemingly as a result of my
> prodding went and changed it from the slightly sensible (90,180,270) to
> the distinctly worse (Rotate 90 clock|anti degrees).

With [counter]clockwise, there is no discussion what way it is.  Degrees
could go either way, it's usually clockwise, but not always.

>>> That would do for a first implementation (shouldn't be too hard to make
>>> a little rotate widget), but I'd like to eventually have it in-diagram.
> In diagram widgets would be great of course but I would like to believe
> that simple 90 degree rotations will be the major use case for this.

That is probably true.  


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