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Re: Zoom.

On 23 Aug 2003, avp@cad.ru wrote:
> Lars Clausen пишет:
>> On 22 Aug 2003, Igor Hjelmstrom Vinhas Ribeiro wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> I am using DIA to make large diagrams. Because of this, I must ask: why
>>> the 400% limit in the zoom tool?
>> That's a completely arbitrary limit.  I didn't expect anybody to want to
>> zoom more than that often.  Ideally, I'd make it work like the fonts
>> menu, so that any time you enter a zoom value into the box, it goes into
>> the menu and is remembered.  If you compile Dia yourself, go to
>> app/interface.c:232 and add some lines.  There's a hard (but also
>> arbitrary) limit of 2500% somewhere.  Besides, if you make large
>> diagrams, don't you want to zoom out rather than in?
> Talking of zoom... What happened to that scroll patch which adds
> zooming capabilities without changing instrument to Zoom?
> I can donate my time for testing, because I need this capability
> anxiously.

It's in CVS now, testing (especially with fancy scrolly mice) would be


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