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Re: dia, mac os x

On Friday, August 22, 2003, at 04:49 AM, Hubert Figuiere wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-08-22 at 02:56, Aaron Titus wrote:
>> I have repeatedly tried to install Dia on Mac OS X (the latest 
>> version)
>> with no success. I have searched the Dia listserv archives which 
>> report
>> that some have done it, but otherwise there is no useful information 
>> on
>> how to install it.
>> I'm using the latest version of Fink and Apple's X11. I can run many X
>> applications.
>> The Dia configure script fails to find Gtk+2 even though I use
>> "./configure --prefix=/sw".
>> Any ideas?
> are you sure gtk2 devel package are installed ? and that pkg-config is
> in your PATH ?

Thank you for the suggestions. Evidently, the problem is with Pango, 
even though GTK2 dev is installed.  Here's the error report (I should 
have included this in my first message, sorry about that)

checking for pkg-config... /sw/bin/pkg-config
checking for GLIB - version >= 2.0.0... yes (version 2.0.6)
checking for pkg-config... (cached) /sw/bin/pkg-config
checking for GTK+ - version >= 2.0.0... no
*** Could not run GTK+ test program, checking why...
*** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log 
for the
*** exact error that occured. This usually means GTK+ is incorrectly 
checking for pango >= 1.1.5... Requested 'pango >= 1.1.5' but version 
of Pango is 1.0.5
configure: error: Need Pango version 1.1.5 or higher

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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