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Re: dia, mac os x

On 21 Aug 2003, Aaron Titus wrote:
> I have repeatedly tried to install Dia on Mac OS X (the latest
> version) with no success. I have searched the Dia listserv archives
> which report that some have done it, but otherwise there is no useful
> information on how to install it.
> I'm using the latest version of Fink and Apple's X11. I can run many X
> applications.
> The Dia configure script fails to find Gtk+2 even though I use
> "./configure --prefix=/sw".

Try with 

./configure --prefix=/sw/usr/


./configure --prefix=/sw/usr/local

if you Gtk+2 installation is in /sw/usr/local.

> BTW I also tried to install Dia 0.90 thinking that since I am using
> other Gtk applications, it would work. I installed all necessary
> dependencies, but it can't seem to find them.

I got the Fink package of Dia 0.90 to work with no problems that I

> Any help, such as step-by-step instructions, that describe how to
> successfully install Dia on Mac OS X will be greatly appreciated.

I haven't heard of anyone installing Dia 0.91 on Mac OS X.  I will try to
give you us much help as I can (unfortunately, my iBook went to school with
my wife, so I can't try it myself).  If you could keep track of any special
things that need doing to get it to work, that'd be a great help.


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