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Re: dia, mac os x

> From: Aaron Titus <titus@mailaps.org>
> Date: 2003/08/21 Thu PM 08:56:04 EDT
> To: dia-list@gnome.org
> I have repeatedly tried to install Dia on Mac OS X (the latest version) 
> with no success. I have searched the Dia listserv archives which report 
> that some have done it, but otherwise there is no useful information on 
> how to install it.
> I'm using the latest version of Fink and Apple's X11. I can run many X 
> applications.
> The Dia configure script fails to find Gtk+2 even though I use 
> "./configure --prefix=/sw".
> Any ideas?

I haven't been successful yet either, but it looks like GTK+2 is not available in Fink stable, so /sw/etc/apt/sources.list needs to be updated to use current-stable or current-unstable:


Dia definitely needs GTK+2 to compile.

Hope this is helpful.


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