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Re: Dia on win-32

On 20 Aug 2003, Christophe Ponsard wrote:
> Hello
> I am working at a computer science dept. The sysadmin is currently busy
> performing a installation for student on various platforms (linux,
> solaris and win) so they can use dia in all our environment for their
> work this year (especially in software engineering, system modelling,
> code documentation)

Great!  I'm glad you're finding it useful, and maybe some students can
contribute back. 

> I have some questions about the "best" version of dia on each platform,
> especially for win32 and solaris:
> - solaris compilation is painful:  does s.o know about a binary distribution
> on this platform ?

It is painful indeed.  Check the list a week or so back, or search for
solaris on bugzilla in our bugs, there's a tale of how to go about it.  I
don't know of a binary distro for solaris.

> - for win32, our choice would be between 0.91 and 0.91-2.    
> 91-1 : shows 21 error message  at console on startup
> 91-2 : shows 613 messages
> I guess this is due to the "mixed lib/compilation problem" being fixed.
> Can those messages been safely ignored ?  Is 0.91-2 more stable than 0.91 ?

There's a new version of 0.91 coming up which should get rid of those
messages, but yes, they can be safely ignore.


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