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Dia on win-32


I am working at a computer science dept. The sysadmin is currently busy
performing a installation for student on various platforms (linux, solaris and win)
so they can use dia in all our environment for their work this year
(especially in software engineering, system modelling, code documentation)

I have some questions about the "best" version of dia on each platform,
especially for win32 and solaris:
- solaris compilation is painful:  does s.o know about a binary distribution
on this platform ?
- for win32, our choice would be between 0.91 and 0.91-2.    
    91-1 : shows 21 error message  at console on startup
    91-2 : shows 613 messages
I guess this is due to the "mixed lib/compilation problem" being fixed.
Can those messages been safely ignored ?  Is 0.91-2 more stable than 0.91 ?

Thanks for any hints or pointing me to the relevant section
in the faq/mail-archive if I missed it.

Christophe P.

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