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Re: GTK 2.2 install helps DIA problems...

On 18 Aug 2003, Steffen Macke wrote:
>> I hope the windows developers will build the next version of Dia using
>> the shared GTK but I dont know if that is going to happen, I hope they
>> will take your comments as a recommendation to use the shared GTK.
> As Hans is also doing GTK+ development, I don't think this is an
> option for him (Hans, please correct if I'm wrong). For me and the
> installer this is definitely an option, I'm currently investigating
> the packages and the results look very promising (also because I'm
> finally able to build using MSVC6 instead of MSVC7).
> Expect a new dia release for Windows soon. The new release will fix the
> incredible mixed runtime problems. And here's one drawback of the
> just-copy-the-dlls-over approach: Saving the preferences will still
> not work (It will with the new release).

That's great!  Thanks for the effort on getting it working.

> I'm not sure whether the release should be a rebuild of 0.91 or a
> snapshot of the current CVS version - any comments on this? Keep in
> mind that 0.92 might only be a month away.

*Please* don't release a snapshot of CVS -- those are not tested well
enough for general use, and it'd mess up bug tracking horribly.  If you
don't want to want for 0.92, certainly make it a new Windows release of
0.91.  It'd be great to have those problems out (though we don't seem to be
getting too many reports on them).


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